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021 - Fighting Against Fast Fashion with Innovation | Kendall & Justine Barber

Kendall and Justine Barber are sisters who run Poppy Barley, a clothing and footwear company that has innovated the industry by providing an ethical and sustainable business model within the clothing industry. In this episode the sisters touch on what it's like to run a business together, and how they've been able to achieve their mission of providing a product with a positive message behind it. 

020 - The Art of Marketing | Ryan Holtz

Ryan Holtz is the host of The Ryan Holtz Show and runs Ryan Holtz Marketing. A plethora of knowledge when it comes to honing your brand identity, Ryan Holtz shares some of the best ways you can market yourself and your business online. 

019 - Finding Your Business: From a Consumer to Manufacturer | Karina Birch

Karina Birch went from being a consumer of a product to owning that very same business. Since taking ownership of Rocky Mountain Soap, she has grown the business to great lengths and continues to strive to create the most sustainable and natural products there is. 

018 - The Will to Succeed as an Entrepreneur | Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow started her entrepreneur journey with a coffee shop in 2006. This eventually led her to start several other businesses; Evandale Caviar, Buytopia.ca, and SnapSaves. Today Michele Romanow can be seen on Dragons' Den as the youngest Dragon, and she is a co-founder of Clear Banc. 

017 - Finding a Gap in the Market for Innovation | Andrew Chau

Andrew Chau is one of the co-founders of Canada's leading food delivery app: SkipTheDishes. He has since moved on from that venture and has started Neo Finacial, a company that is innovating the financial space.

016 - The Hustle of an Entrepreneur | Katherine Homuth

 A serial entrepreneur, Katherine co-founded ShopLocket a company that set out to do what Youtube accomplishes for video makers, but for single item e-commerce (Acquired by PCH International in 2014). She also founded an Angel Investing group under the name ‘Female Funders’ which was acquired the same year.

015 - Philosophies of a Restaurateur | Vikram Vij

Vikram Vij left his home in India to study Hotel Management which eventually brought him to Canada where he has since opened multiple very successful restaurants. He was a Dragon on Dragons' Den and a judge on Top Chef Canada. 

014 - Why Small Businesses Should Utilize Social Media | Tom Keiser

Tom Keiser has a diverse background - starting in tech, he eventually found himself as the SVP for L Brands, CIO of Gap, and CIO/COO of Zendesk. Today Tom is the CEO of Hootsuite, a company that has innovated the way businesses use social media. 

013 - Following the Path of an Entrepreneur | Nicole Verkindt

Nicole Verkindt is the Founder and CEO of OMX, an online platform that manages complex supply chains in the mining, energy, infrastructure, aerospace, and public sector.

012 - From Restaurant to Franchise Empire | Jim Treliving

Jim Treliving started his career in law enforcement. Eventually, that would lead him to enter the food industry and grow his business from 1 restaurant to a chain of restaurants all across North America. 

011 - Gaining Financial Assistance For Your Startup | Michael Denham

Michael Denham is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation. At BDC, he helps startups and businesses through financial guidance and helps direct them onto a path of success.


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010 - Brand Messaging | Joanna Griffiths

Joanna Griffiths is the Founder and CEO of Knix, and clothing company that works to redefine intimates for women. Knixwear has become more than a product line, and Joanna is going to tell us what it takes to turn your brand into a message. 

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009 - Managing a Crisis | Ed Sims

Ed Sims is the President and CEO of WestJet Airlines, and has worked within the airline industry for over 2 decades. Ed has had to navigate different types of crises over the years, and in this episode he shares what that experience is like. This episode is brought to you by Shopify. Visit Shopify.com/Manjit to start your free trial today!

008 - The Future of Office Culture | Zabeen Hirji

Zabeen Hirji was the Chief Human Resources Officer of RBC for over 10 years. She now sits on many different boards, and helps businesses manage when it comes to the ever changing environment of office culture.

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007 - Marketing Hospitality | Christiane Germain

Christiane Germain is the Co-Founder and Co-President of Groupe Germain Hôtels that consists of: Le Germain Hotels, Alt Hotels and Escad Hotels.

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006 - Advice to Your Younger Self | Bonus

Manjit revisits clips from past episodes where she asks the question "what do you wish you knew when you were in your early 20's". This episode features audio from Vincenzo Guzzo, Jim Pattison, and Paul Feig. 

005 - Entering An Industry | Paul Feig

004 - How Shopping Has Changed | Arati Sharma

Arati Sharma is the director of Product and Offline Marketing for Shopify, a leading global commerce company, providing trusted tools to start, grow, market, and manage a retail business of any size.

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003 - Scaling From Success | Jim Pattison

Jim Pattison is a business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is one of the richest Canadians and the Founder of The Jim Pattison Group.

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002 - Rising From Resilience | Lisa Lisson

Lisa Lisson is the President of FedEx Express Canada and is the author of the book; Resilience: Navigating Life, Loss and the Road to Success.

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001 - Growing the Family Business | Vincenzo Guzzo

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